What are the best ways to make your skin look great? No makeup? Lots of makeup? Water? Well, here are my two cents…. 5 ways **I keep my skin looking good.

1. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol very sparingly
2. Wear at least an SPF 30 every single day no matter what
3. Use gentle means to maintain my skincare regime, i.e. no scubbing, popping, poking zits, etc.
4. Eat healthy whole foods and avoid white flour, sugar, and the like
5. Use certain types of products on my skin to make sure I am preventing fine lines: eye cream [I like Avalon Organics Vitamin C] and a face cream with a glycolic acid or alphahydroxy acid to remove dull skin and prevent breakouts [I like Aquaglycolic face cream].
So there you go. That’s what I think.

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