This shoot was so amazing! The peeps over at Wedding Nouveau really went all out to create an incredibly inspiring and creative experience for everyone involved. It was DREAMY.

The direction for this shoot was Parisian Souk, so think layered, textured, rich and exotic… take yourself to Morrocco/ North Africa with the muted and tasteful color palette of Paris. You guys, the set design on this one was to die for!!!

So where did I go with the makuep on this one? I wanted to bring out the unbelievably gorgeous skin of the model here, while also keeping with a slightly more wearable version the smoky “souk” look… dark, dark rich blue-ish grey with touches of champagne and gold, and I used a sheer bronze gold lotion on her legs and arms to make her glow. I was definitely able to create a look in my signature “natural/clean”, but defined style.

Thanks to Fri at Wedding Nouveau for the opportunity to work with them again and do what I do best. Just loved it! Get your copy today… it’s free for a limited time.

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