“Cool” Japanese Eye Drops

September 9, 2009By Christine Craventips No Comments

Japan has some of the most innovative products… cars, sushi, Muji, etc. Gotta love ’em! So why not eye drops? Yes, these eye drops are very ‘cool’. Neato packaging and a unique ‘refreshing’, ‘minty’ feel for your eyeballs. Sometimes we forget how important the brightness of your eyes can be to make your face look … Read More

Your Skin! Be nice to it…

August 16, 2009By Christine Craventips No Comments

What are the best ways to make your skin look great? No makeup? Lots of makeup? Water? Well, here are my two cents…. 5 ways **I keep my skin looking good. 1. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol very sparingly 2. Wear at least an SPF 30 every single day no matter what 3. Use gentle … Read More