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Smokey Eyes for a Bride? Yes, done right!

When it comes to bridal makeup, the number one concern that the bride should have is maintaining a ‘timeless’ quality to their style on the big day. Who wants to look at their photos 10, 20, 30 years from now and say, ‘what the heck was I thinking’?
Hence, how can you do a smoky eye for a bride without making it look too trendy? Well, 1) use neutrals, greys, charcoals and champagnes 2) not too dark and black on the lids 3) use a neutral light lip to balance the darker eye 3) make your skin look gorgeous, luminous, glowy with bronzer and blush to avoid a washed out effect.
Here on this lovely, sweet bride Amanda, we did just that with fantastic results (if I do say for myself). Her skin looks amazing and we were able to capture the smoky effect that she wanted to make her feel like herself!


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