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Tracy + Nate Engagement Photos

Some wonderful shots of Tracy and Nate’s engagement photo session taken by talented Los Angeles based photographer, Ja Tecson. His awesome wedding pics to come from this wonderful couple…..

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Beautiful Bridesmaids!

I love these quick snapshots of these gorgeous bridesmaids, who happen to be some of my favorite regular clients! Beauties.

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Smokey Eyes for a Bride? Yes, done right!

When it comes to bridal makeup, the number one concern that the bride should have is maintaining a ‘timeless’ quality to their style on the big day. Who wants to look at their photos 10, 20, 30 years from now and say, ‘what the heck was I thinking’? Hence, how can you do a smoky […]

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Camille W Hat Shoot

Pretty pic of this model for a fun hat company. We kept the palette clean with a bold pop of magenta on the lip to coordinate with this talented hat designer’s work. Beautiful brown eyes!

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